Teddy “Tone” Bellis

459150_10150890725947936_1164835147_oIt had been a long couple of years for Teddy Bellis when Cayuga’s Waiters came across him. After he was kicked out of his Dave Matthews cover Band for what he still considers “artistic differences,” but everyone else considers “grunting like a caveman into the microphone throughout their entire set,” he started the first-ever all-saxophone wedding band, The Tedric Bellis Saxperience. Unfortunately, showing up drunk and screaming into the microphone how “none of you monogamists know what real love is, but I knew love once” wasn’t a big hit with newlyweds and his business was failing. Fortunately for Teddy, the Waiters saw potential in his crying, gave him an audition, and he’s been a Waiter ever since.